What Should You Do Before Selling Your Old iPhone or iPad?

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Selling your phone might not be a good idea especially if you have a lot of personal stuff on it. Most of the time this can be very frustrating, especially if you are all about security and not sharing any personal information.

In this article, you will find some good guidelines that will help you prepare your iOS device for sale by removing everything that’s personal from it.

Disable all the restriction codes and passcodes

Even if you will find that a general reset will remove everything, you still have to disable restriction codes and passcodes.

In order to do that you just have to go to Settings/General/Restrictions then select Disable Restrictions.

The process is very fast and easy, keep in mind that you will need to add the restriction passcode when you disable any of these features.

Delete reminders calendars, mail and Safari history

It’s very important to remove all this information as fast as possible.

Start with the Safari history as this is what you will end up forgetting about most of the time. Try to remove the history, reading list, and page cache.

A complete wipe from its settings should do the trick.

You might not be able to delete the app as it’s a stock tool, but you can remove the data without a problem.

Remove your mail from your Mail app and make sure that you remove each of your mails as well.

Keep in mind that you should also remove all reminders manually and erase the calendars as well.

Thankfully, each app has features that allow you to remove all of this information very fast.

Sign out from the App Store

You don’t want the phone buyer to have access to your Apple ID, so sign out from the app store.

This means opening Settings, selecting iTunes and App Store and then tapping the Apple ID option which you have to sign out of!

The process is fast and easy, but it’s also mandatory because you do need to get out of this function if you want to get the best results!

Remove Facetime, iMessage and iCloud accounts

You will need to do this if you want to remove personal data from your iPhone. This is very important as iCloud can hold lots of your personal info such as images, videos and so on.

You can disable iCloud by going via Settings/iCloud/Delete Account and then you need to press Delete to confirm.

If you want to get out of Facetime or iMessage, you have to enter Settings/Messages or Facetime and then turn the Switch off the desired function.

You should also delete all accounts, you can do that by opening Settings, choosing Calendars/Contacts/Mail and pressing the Delete Account button.

Deleting apps

Of course, you will have to eliminate all applications from your phone or tablet because no one really wants to have such a thing.

The idea here is that you should consider removing all apps, leave the iOS device in a state similar to the one that you received it in.

Sure, it will take a little bit of time to do this but you will be more than impressed with the results as all apps will be cleared. The idea is to remove all apps, don’t leave even a single one behind!

Delete photos

Remove all the photo albums from your device. You should transfer them to your Mac or PC using a dedicated transfer tool, remember that you can delete photos in bulk if needed.

Most of the time creating a backup for your photos is more than enough, to begin with. Keep that in mind and results will be worth it.

Export contacts to iCloud

It’s very hard to export content without knowing how to do it. Sometimes it might not be necessary, but the reality is that you do need to save your contacts to iCloud as that will help quite a bit.

Open Settings/iCloud/Contacts Switch should be enabled.

In case you want to export contacts from iCloud, you have to visit, enter the Apple ID, click on contacts and then you have to select the export vCard option from that cogwheel. The process is fast, easy and seamless which is exactly what you want!

Create a backup to iCloud

In order to back up your info to iCloud before you delete it, you need to enter Settings/iCloud, Storage and Backup, Switch the iCloud Backup function and enable Backup Now.

Why should you do this? Not only is it the fastest way to create a backup, but it also allows you to protect your personal information on the go. It’s the best way to protect your information before you start deleting anything.

Remember that you should create a backup even if you don’t sell your phone, but at this particular point when you do want to sell your device this is a necessity for sure.

Create an iTunes backup

It’s important to note that an iTunes backup can come in handy most of the time as it will help protect your device data without that much of a hassle.

Thankfully, doing an iTunes backup is very easy, you just need to go through a few steps.

You need to open iTunes, connect your iOS device to the computer and then select the device name once you connected it. Enter the Summary Tab, click on the backups option and then select backup now. Keep in mind that you should disable the Encrypt iPhone backup option as you do not want to encrypt your backup at this time.

Once you completed all of this, you should consider going a general reset. In order to do that, you go to Settings/General/Reset/Erase all content and settings. Once you do this your phone will reboot, reset and power off. That’s what makes your phone distinct, the fact that you get immense value for your money and results will be extraordinary for that reason alone.


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