The world is getting attracted to wireless technology. Wireless Technology helps you to get rid of the mess that is created with the cables and makes your computing at your own comfort. It is widely becoming a household norm and with advanced technology, you can even improve the connection of wireless connections and make your work more comfortable.

Here Are Ways to Improve Wireless Connectivity

1. Check The Router Position

You need to check the position of your router. The wireless signal cannot reach if your router is not positioned well. For this, you need to ensure to centrally locate the router in the home. So that the best range of signals is possible. Ensure this by placing the router away from the obstructions on a flat level surface. 

Also, to improve the connectivity of your wireless connection, you must also ensure that you are using a wireless channel that is unique as this helps in limiting the interference that may be caused by neighboring wireless signals.

2. Try to Replace Antenna

Usually, routers are shipped with smaller antennas that are of Omni-directional potential. These antennas transmit the signals in all the directions which are quite useful if you prefer to use wireless throughout the house. But the disadvantage that is associated with this kind of antenna is the range of signals it transmits that are quite short. 

So to improve the performance of your wireless connectivity, make sure to replace the antennas with a directional antenna. This kind of antenna is capable of improving the range of signals by focusing on a specific way and thereby allows you in aiming where it is actually needed. These are famous as “high-gain” antennas and signals increase can be calculated in decibels (db).

3. Invest In A Repeater

One of the best and safest ways to boost the signals of your wireless connectivity is by using a wireless repeater. The repeater works similar to a router. But it does not create any signal. 

It focuses on existing signals. Installing a repeater is quite easy as it does not involve any mess of any additional connections or wires. You can use multiple repeaters for creating a home or network of business with comprehensive connectivity.

4. Firmware Update Of Router

Home users often overlook the importance of firmware updating of the router. Business networks usually get some notification regarding these updates. In order to improve the connectivity of your wireless network, check for the firmware updates of your router. 

You can find a section in the interface of your router for firmware updates. Frequently check the website for the updates offered by the manufacturer of your router. You can upload these updates with the help of the router’s interface.

5. Prefer Power Line Network

We recommend you to consider powerline adapters as they help in creating a home network that is very fast by using electrical cabling in the house. By doing this, you can work from any part of your house without compromising the connectivity performance. It is quite easy to create a powerline network. For this, you need to plug in a power socket close to your router. Now, connect the router by using Ethernet cable. 

Ethernet cable is usually supplied along with the adapter. Now, you can connect the second adapter into a power socket and you can connect this to your laptop, smart TV using another Ethernet cable. Powerline adapters perform well as if they are directly connected to the router. In fact, they are actually plugged in other parts of your house.