Advantages Of Using A Resume Screening Platform

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The competition for acquiring top talent has increased dramatically in the past decade. To be able to be better than the competition, you need the most skilled workers on the market.

Businesses are continuously recruiting which leads to endless screening processes. For every 100 candidates you screen, you need to shortlist 10 of them to interview. Out of those 10, two of them will receive an offer, and one candidate will accept to result in one successful hire.

Automatic screening can help with the most tedious part of the process and help you improve it. Stick around to discover the advantages of using a resume screening platform for your business.

Reduce Screening Time

You posted a job vacancy and in a couple of days, you have received over 100 applications. Imagine that every CV you are screening takes you 2 minutes to go through. That’s 200 minutes a day… More than 3 hours just to shortlist a dozen candidates.

A resume screening platform can do this in less than 5 minutes, with only a couple of seconds per CV.

You can see how recruiters that are using a resume screening platform clearly at an advantage over recruiters who are either doing it manually. But there is more to it than just speed.

On top of that, resume screening platforms can organize and rank candidates following their expertise. By categorizing, not only is your screening faster, but it’s done in a relevant manner.

By speeding up CV processing, recruiters can spend more time with the more promising recruits, ensuring that you hire the right people, faster.

Eliminate The Noise

When going through the recruitment process, you are screening CVs in the order they come in your mailbox.

Often, job seekers apply to any job they encounter that slightly fits their profile. This means that you will be facing resumes that are not relevant to the job position.

For example, you might be looking for an Oracle developer, and end up getting Java developer resumes, which will not fit the bill.

Using a resume screening platform will help you identify quality candidates much earlier in the process. In turn, this increases your chances of interviewing the most suitable candidates, instead of facing dead ends for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Remove Subjective Bias

Everything we do in our life is subject to some unconscious bias. Recruiting managers can quickly discard quality resumes based on demographics such as gender, race, region, age, etc.

This unconscious screening which has no relevant basis can be detrimental in your search for the best talent possible. Furthermore, studies show that diversity in the workplace fuels competition and is an important factor in your company’s success.

Using a resume screening platform like RecruitMe will allow you to eliminate such irrelevant bias.

Increased Candidate Quality

Research shows that 79% of recruiters who use recruiting software have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of candidates they hire.

By streamlining your recruitment process through automated resume screening, you increase your candidate’s experience. Gone are the endless “getting to know you” interviews, and candidates will appreciate you for it.

This, in turn, improves your brand value in the market, making it easier for you to attract quality talent faster.

Furthermore, remember that on average, top talent remains on the market for around ten days before they get approached bu a business. To ensure you get your hands on that talent before anyone else, bringing down the time to start making calls is essential.


When automating manual and time-consuming tasks, you will be able to cut back your cost per successful hiring.

For any growing business, recruiting is a continuous task. Parsing through hundreds of CVs on a regular basis is tedious and requires your recruiters to do very uninspiring work.

Since time is money, resume screening platforms will help your company save a lot of time otherwise invested in mind-numbing tasks.

Easily Monitor The Recruitment Process

When using a recruitment platform, all of the relevant data is kept in one place.

It will allow you to track the effectiveness of a job posting and monitor the efficiency of different recruitment channels like job boards or social media.

This data will help you effectively identify some shortcomings in your recruitment process and easily optimize procedures. For example, you could test a couple of different job titles for the same position, to see which one gets more responses from relevant talent.


In today’s competitive job market, you want to reach out to your quality applicants faster and offer better engagement. With volumes of candidates increasing, this is becoming increasingly difficult for expanding businesses.

By taking an automated approach to your resume screening, you will be effectively reducing processing time.

Your recruitment managers will have the leisure to spend this time on more important tasks like making more pertinent job offers, creating personalized interviews, and engaging with the applicants on a new level. Your company will be saving time and energy, while at the same time ensuring to fill the vacancy with only the most fitting candidates.


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